Aigars Uzulens, Riga, Latvia, 2019

My name is Aigars. I want to share my experience with overcoming back pain. I had long standing back pain, that was caused by spinal disk hernia. Not only did I have pain in my lumbar spine, but the pain also radiated to the right leg. I also experienced numbness and cramps in my leg muscles, which made my everyday life difficult. I had difficulty getting to work because I was all bent over and crooked.

I tried various treatment methods – I saw a chiropractor, I tried medical exercise, I tried various drug therapies and epidural blockades. The results from these therapies were underwhelming or at all non-existent.

During the appointment with neurosurgeon Mr Slezins and after careful examination and analysis of clinical and radiological data, we made a joint decision to proceed with elective surgery.
And so, on January 2, 2019, Mr. Janis Slezins performed the surgery and removed the herniated disc and decompressed the nerve.. The operation went smoothly and just a few hours later my long-standing problem was resolved.

On the first day after entering the clinic and having surgery done, I got up from bed by myself and went home without any problems whatsoever. The pain in the spine as well as in the leg was gone, the cramps and the tingling also disappeared. Sure,the surgical wound let its presence be known, but the postoperative pain was nothing when compared to the pain I had while walking around with a herniated disc.
Many thanks to Mr. Janis Slezins and his team for the work they did, as well as the rest of the staff of the clinic, they were very positive and optimistic, giving me a sense of security while staying at Aiwa Clinic.
Four weeks later, I started visiting a physiotherapist and doing physiotherapy to speed up the recovery from my surgery.
After only three months I was able to return to work and it has to be noted that I do work involving heavy physical labour.
Right now, I am enjoying life without any pain and limitations of movement.

I strongly suggest that if you have a problem with back pain – instead of living with your pain, go to a consultation with Dr. Jānis Šlēziņš – it’s worth it!


Lidia Kacare, Dagda, Latvia, 2019

Dear, Dr. R. Mikijanskis!

It’s Lidia, one of your recent patients!

I would like to sincerely thank you for the skill of your hand during my surgery on the 27th February, 2019.
I can say this with confidence – you are a sincere, kind, trustworthy person andabove all a highly skilled professional.
I would like to extend my gratitude not only for the successful complex surgery, but also for the detailed pre-operative consultations and your involvement in the recovery process post-operatively. I thank you for your consultations and support during my recovery!

Thank you for your work and for giving me the opportunity to live a full life!

Dr. Mikijanskis! I wish you strength, endurance, strong health and professional growth!

Lidia Kacare from Dagda

Brigita Pukse, Carnikava, Latvia, 2019

On February 13, 2019, , I underwent spine surgery at the AIWA Private Clinic – additional decompression and extension of a pre-existing transpedicular fixation system in the lumbar spine was performed.

Before the surgery, I suffered from excruciating pain in my lower back for a long time, which limited my movement and ability to perform my daily household and work duties, meanwhile painkillers did not help.

The operation was very successful and the staff atAIWA clinic were very welcoming, professional and competent. Now, some time after the surgery, I do not feel anymore back pain, I have resumed physical activity and I do not need to use painkillers.

I would like to express my gratitude to neurosurgeons Janis Slezins and Raimonds Mikijanskis for their work, excellent professional and caring attitude.


Brigita Pukse

Raimonds Vilums, Latvia, 2019

I wish that anyone needing a neurosurgeon be as lucky as me when I met Dr. Raimonds Mikijanskis. He is frank and does not sugar-coat anything. But most importantly he is compassionate and professional in his work. I wish all the doctors in Latvia were more like him!

Sigita Fedotova, Latvia, 2019

Thank you Dr. R. Mikijanskis and your team for the opportunity to live a full life again.

Julian Kennedy, Ballymena Northern Ireland, UK, 2018

From my initial contact with my patient coordinator in the UK to getting my surgery done there was only a matter of a few short weeks. I filled in the forms to request a refund for surgery via NHS. The patient coordinator in Riga was excellent and looked after me very well. The clinic, the staff and my surgeon Mr Janis Slezins are all first class and the facilities were excellent. A little minor grump is that unlike UK hospitals/clinics they do not stick to meal times rigidly and that a few of the nurses had rather poor English. A little pointer, it would be nice to see a long handled picker up and a long shoe horn added to the package.

On the whole an amazing service that I would highly recommend to anyone. Do rememember that if travelling from the Uk to bring travel plug adapters for phones, laptops etc. Hotel was superb, great location in the heart of Riga.

Terence Elliot, Derbyshire, UK, 2018

Amazingly stunned by the high quality of service and care that I was given from this outstandingly skilled surgical team!! I thoroughly recommend it.

Valentina Bazanova, Latvia, 2019

Many thanks to the whole team of Aiwa Clinic, especially to the neurosurgeons Raimonds Mikijanskis and Janis Slezins.

Everything was explained very clearly to me, and it seemed that the kindness radiating from these doctors would alone suffice to regain my health. Don’t be afraid of surgeries, it is an investment that will repay itself out there in your lives! May the fortunes smile upon you, and your crafty hands never tire of their work!


John Cawley, Ireland, 2019

I was diagnosed with C6-C7 prolapse disc and osteophytes (bone spurs). This was in Ireland where I paid privately for my MRI scan. I had immense pain from my 3 left fingers, arm, elbow and shoulder. Recently it proved unbearable and the pain medication was not working any longer leaving me unable to work.

For the first time in five years the pins & needles in my fingers has gone, it peaking at it’s worst on our recent last holiday. The cost for this type of surgery in Ireland is 13,500 Euros and a pre existing condition in my case would not be covered by our private healthcare providers. The hospital waiting list is in excess of a year. My partner researched online for surgery in Europe and made contact with Mim Dickens the patient coordinator and I am thankful for that even though I was a little sceptical to start with. Everything was excellent start to finish. We were walked through the whole process by Mim, surgeon and team. They were very accommodating with dates. Our transfers were smooth to our beautiful 4 star hotel in the heart of Riga. The clinic was great and we can’t thank enough Mim, Artur, Dr Janis Slezins and Dr Raimonds Mikijanskis our surgeons the Drs nurses and staff for looking after us. If your considering ACDF SURGERY or any other surgery for that matter contact Mim Dickens. A massive thank you to all at Aiwa Clinic!


Oliver Stothert, Manchester, UK, 2019

I have suffered with sciatica pains for over five years and tried a vast array of treatments until surgery was the only route left for me to try. I came across the Aiwa clinic in Riga, Latvia and it had great reviews, the prices reasonable and any of my initial fears of having surgery abroad were totally unfounded!

The staff at the clinic were all very polite, caring, knowledgeable and efficient. Ever step of the way.

My surgeon Dr Janis Slezins is clearly an expert in Neurosurgery. He talked me through the procedure very clearly and in very great detail. I am absolutely delighted with my outcome of my surgery am can now say that I am in no pain at all after such a long time.

I recommend Aiwa Clinic to anyone considering this surgery!

Peteris Danilenko, Valmiera, 2019

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to neurosurgeon Raimonds Mikijanskis, anaesthesiologist Dr. Bartulis and the entire neurosurgical department. I’ve had unbearable pain in my right leg for almost a year. I visited many surgeons, nobody really wanted to perform the surgery stating that I’m not that young anymore and the outcomes could be bad, maybe even wheelchair bad. Some time goes by,and the pain wa getting worse. What could Ido? Then I was advised to see the neurosurgeon Mr Mikijanskis for a consultation. He encouraged me to proceed with surgery. And I decided to trust him. And so, on 18-Sep-19 there was an operation, and the very next day, on 19-Sep-19 I was standing on my own two feet – not only free of any pain, but I was also, obviously,in no need of need of a wheelchair!!! Many thanks to Mr Mikijanskis again! To the people out there struggling with the same thing as I did – don’t be afraid to trust this doctor! As for Mr. Mikijanski, God bless you with health, strength and the desire to help the suffering! Yours sincerely, Peteris Danilenko, Valmiera. Now the happiest person in the world!!!

Olga Nikolaeva, Tukums, Latvia, 2019

I would like to thank Dr. R. Mikijanskis and Dr. J. Slezins for their high degree of professionalism, attention and kindness.
You are the best !!!
Special thanks to Raimonds Mikijanskis!
Your positive and optimistic attitude gives a sense of security!

Kindness, care and an endless desire tohelp are the things that a patient needs in a difficult situation.

I wish you strong health and professional growth!

Greetings to the best doctors!

Mark Langhammer, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2019

I attended Aiwa Clinic in Riga for lumbar spine decompression surgery.

The experience was excellent and seamlessly organized through UK co-ordinator Mim Dickens.

The surgeon, doctors and staff were meticulous and communicated everything well, with very good English language skills.

I was greeted at the airport, taxied to the hotel (1 night) and then to the clinic – and even taxied back to the airport!

The staff are attentive, and Aiwa has a family feel to it. It could not have been made easier for me.

On day one, post operation the physio instructed on post-operative exercises. I was walking again after a of recuperation.

The rooms are spotlessly clean. I could not find any fault, and can thoroughly recommend Aiwa to others.


Karina Poznakova, Riga, Latvia, 2019

Many thanks to Dr. Slezins and Dr. Mikijanskis for the treatment, for their talent, for the very friendly attitude towards the patients! I wish all doctors could be so sincere and professional!

Aida Silmane, Tukums, Latvia, 2019

In the summer of 2019, I started to suffer from a severe pain in my left leg, the pain progressed to a point, at about two months later, where I could no longer get up from my bed. My colleagues advised me to go to Aiwa’s clinic to see Dr. Slezins or Dr. Mikijanskis. My colleagues had previously undergone surgery in this clinic. I “Caught” Dr. Mikijanski at the Talsi Health Center, I was given a consultation and advised to a surgery. The operation was a success, I can only say all the best about the clinic staff – one-of-a-kind sympathy, kind attitude, constant supervision by medical staff. Both of the young doctors, while being plain charming, are also very experienced, it is obvious that they enjoy and take pride in their work – doing the thing that they like best.

I can only advise that you turn to the qualified staff at the Aiwa clinic for help! I hope your energy and willingness to help never runs out!

Yours sincerely, nurse Aida from Irlavas Red Cross Hospital in Tukums district.


A. Avotina, Madona, Latvia, 2019

Thank you both Dr. Mikijanskis and Dr. Slezins!

Dr. Mikijanskis performed the surgery, but Dr. Slezins was the one to set me on the right path. I owe both of them my thanks!

The beginning was difficult and uncertain. My mommy was getting worse and worse, she got electrical type pain on one side of her face, sharp, stabbing – intolerable pain with every touch gush of air or even a raindrop. Even a smile could be painful. She couldn’t go outside any more on windy or rainy days because the pain was unbearable. She could not wash one side of the face for a day, then the next, then for a week, a month… She paid frequent visits to the family doctor and a neurologist – Finlepsin, a drug, was prescribed and taken to no avail for months and years at a time.

I am no doctor, and I have no insight into her disease, but I could no longer just sit and watch as a joyfull and happy person becomes more and more distraught and desperate,. We had to find the “right doctor”. I decided to act – I found this website (thank you for developing it!) using google. I read research papers in English to somehow understand this method compared to other options – nerve destruction or cyberknife. I also visited other neurosurgeons.

However, Dr. Mikijanski and Dr. Slezins encouraged me to use this method and I do not regret it – the pain disappeared immediately after surgery and no facial paralysis occurred. The operation went smoothly and after three days she was already discharged from the hospital. My Mommy smiles again and rejoices, having regained her joy of life, she feels happy and wants to live. I regret taking no action earlier and trusting doctors who only know to prescribe finlepsin. I regret that I didn’t think to help my mother earlier and did not realise that she has had some odd 78 summers in this world and the internet and google is all but unknown to her. I did not realise at the time that she needs help and the right doctor can – and should be found!

Thankexperts be that there are the right doctors right here in Latvia, knowledgeable and skilled experts of an international level! I would also advise family doctors and neurologists to acquaint themselves with these doctors and this profession, so as to know that there is more to offer when the pill stops helping or doesn’t help at all!